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Empowerment, Healing & Transformation through effective, actionable tools. Lifestyle, Relationship, and Mindset Coaching from a globally experienced coach using globally sound methods.

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I am having a great experience with my life coach, Coach Nomie , and I wanted to share it with you. She is a powerful woman, warm, reasonable and also the taker-of-no-shit. She is the first person I see every Monday and she is the reason my life is getting better every week.

I have often struggled with self esteem issues, organisation, time management and procrastination. I suppose most people do, but I felt like it was bad enough that it was getting in the way of my joy and moving forward with my days, my plans and my dreams.

I realised that doing it alone was cyclical as I found myself constantly in the same patterns of behaviour. Hiring Nomie to be my coach has given me a mirror to my behaviour, habits and choices. I see my strengths and weaknesses more clearly. Now I am in the process of letting go of behaviours and thoughts that no longer serve me and embracing the ones that do.

I recommend getting a life coach to make the most of yourself, and I recommend Coach Nomie as she listens to me like a friend, gives me tips and tools to manage the obstacles and plans I have made for myself and then she holds me accountable for my actions or inactions. She is a qualified, trained, experienced life coach and the most organised person I have ever met.

Thank you so much, Coach Nomie, I feel empowered, hopeful, productive and happier

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