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8 Types of Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability or the potential that we have to process information and there are several ways to do that. My way may differ from your way. You know how they say, “You can’t test a fish’s intelligence/abilities by how well it can climb a tree.” Numbers may be where you shine, while social situations may be an absolute landmine of confusion for you. You could also be really great at both. There is no law that says you can only be good at one thing. Whatever it is you are good at though, it is a good idea to find out what it is and hone in on it so that you can channel yourself towards those things and those ways of learning and understanding as your type of intelligence shapes your problem solving capabilities and your learning style among other things.

Here are the different types of intelligence, see which apply to you.

Musical – Rhythmic

This means you are good at thinking in and seeing rhythms, sounds and patterns. This is why people with great mathematical ability will sometimes be really amazing music players, they are great at seeing patterns. Great career paths for you may include but are not limited to

·         Musician

·         Conductor

·         Singer

e.g. Evan Taylor, August Rush

Visual – Spatial

Being good at visualizing objects (2D, 3D, 4D) like images, charts, maps. Making

·         Architecture,

·         Photography and

·         Interior design

 possible career options.

e.g. Ariadne, Inception

Verbal – Linguistic

People who have this type of intelligence are good at verbal and written language and tend to be very persuasive. They can also read cues from the word choice people choose to make when they speak or write.

·         Teaching,

·         Writing,

·         Acting

are usually fulfilling career options for people with this type of intelligence.

e.g. Annalise Keating, How To Get Away With Murder


Logical – Mathematical

Problem solver, mathematical skills, and logical skills.  This is your

·         Scientist,

·         Mathematician, and

·         Accountant

e.g. John Nash, A Beautiful Mind

Bodily – Kinaesthetic

These are people who remember by doing and tend to have great hand-eye coordination and agility.

·         Farmer

·         Dancer

·         Athlete

e.g. Michael, The Blind Side


This kind of intelligence makes you good at conflict resolution, evaluating emotions, moods and motivations of others, as well as relationships. Fulfilling career paths include

·         Customer Service

·         Coaching

·         Sales

e.g. Donna, Suits


Having this type of intelligence makes you self-aware, good at evaluating your own moods and emotions (emotional self-regulation), good at building and maintaining connections with others, good at evaluating others’ motivations behind behaviour and decisions. Good career options for this type of intelligence include

  • entrepreneur

  • counselor

  • researcher

e.g. Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders & Donna, Suits


Having a great and in-depth understanding of nature, as well as seeing patterns and relationships in nature. Wonderful career paths for this type of intelligence include

·         Biologist

·         Geologist

·         Animal Trainer

e.g. S.A.L.T., Salt’s Husband

I hope you are more determined to learn about the type of intelligence you possess, the kind of career opportunities open to you and would provide fulfillment for you, and will help you to understand how to approach problems having a better understanding of how you process information.

Coach Nomie, Take Control x

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