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Redefining Myself: My Journey of Healing and Rebranding A Year After the Stroke

A year has passed since the stroke, and it’s only now that the realization and acceptance are truly setting in. As I reflect on this transformative year, it has become clear that I need to rebrand both my life and my coaching practice.

This rebranding process is happening now, spurred by a deep understanding that my aspirations and values have fundamentally shifted. It’s time to go back to the drawing board, to redefine what I want for myself and how I guide others.

Initially, I resisted the idea that I was different after the stroke. I clung to my previous pace, drive, and goals, thinking that with enough determination, I could reclaim my old self.

But slowly, I began to see the futility in this. The person I was before the stroke no longer exists in the same form. The life I want now has changed dramatically, and this acceptance has been a profound, sometimes painful process.

The rebranding of my life has been a gradual awakening to the fact that I want different things now. I need a life that is more balanced, more in tune with my physical and emotional needs.

This means embracing a slower pace, being kinder to myself, and redefining success and happiness. It’s about allowing myself to explore new hobbies, take time for rest, and savor the simple joys of everyday life.

My professional life, deeply intertwined with my personal identity, reflects this shift. My coaching practice, once rooted in pushing boundaries and relentless pursuit, now feels misaligned with who I’ve become.

This dissonance prompted me to go back to the drawing board, not just with my life but with my coaching. The misalignment, became clear and I sensed that a change was necessary to provide my clients with the authentic guidance they deserve.

The rebranding of my coaching practice involves integrating the lessons I’ve learned over the past year. Self-compassion, resilience, and adaptability are now central themes.

Instead of pushing my clients to go overboard, I encourage them to listen to their bodies, honor their limits, and find fulfillment in the present moment. My coaching sessions are evolving into more collaborative explorations of personal well-being and authentic living.

This transformation has already started to resonate with my clients. They are finding empowerment in the idea that they don’t need to conform to external expectations of success.

True fulfillment comes from within, and this shift has not only enhanced my practice but has also deepened the connection I share with my clients. There is a newfound sense of trust and mutual growth in our relationships.

Spiritually, I have also undergone significant growth. Meditation and mindfulness have become essential practices for living a balanced and meaningful life.

This spiritual evolution has been integral to my personal healing and has naturally flowed into my coaching. I now guide my clients in finding their own spiritual paths, helping them to connect with their inner selves and cultivate peace amidst life’s challenges.

Looking ahead, I am filled with a sense of purpose and optimism. The journey of the past year has reiterated for me that change, while often difficult, is also an opportunity for profound growth.

Rebranding my life and coaching practice is not about erasing the past but about integrating my experiences and evolving into a more authentic and fulfilled version of myself.

This process of going back to the drawing board has been a gift, allowing me to create a life and career that truly reflect my values and aspirations.

I envision a future where my life and work continue to align harmoniously, where I can help others navigate their own transformations with the wisdom and compassion I’ve gained from my journey.

The rebranding is happening now, a conscious decision to redefine myself and my work. It’s about accepting that wanting different things for myself is not a sign of weakness but of growth.

As I move forward, I do so with a heart open to new possibilities and a spirit ready to embrace whatever comes next.

The journey is ongoing, and I am grateful for the lessons learned and the strength gained. Here’s to a future filled with authenticity, fulfillment, and boundless potential.

Coach Nomie, Live Authentically x

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